“Iranian Wisdom and the Transcendent Philosophy”

The 23rd annual Conference of Commemorating Mulla Sadra was held on 12 June 2019 on the theme of “Iranian Wisdom and the Transcendent Philosophy” with presence of a number of prominent masters of philosophy in Adineh Cultural Complex.

The Conference was inaugurated after reciting some Qur’anic verses and listening to the national anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the speech of Ayatullah Professor Khamenei, President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute. After welcoming the attendants, he presented his speech on the topic of “Iranian Wisdom and the Transcendent Philosophy”.

After the blind review process, from among the 122 papers submitted to the Conference Secretariat, 73 of them were accepted, and 25 of the accepted papers were presented in two parallel session until 17 o’clock on the same day. The conference was greatly welcomed by philosophy professors, university students, and high school teachers, seminary students, and other interested people.