“Philosophy and a World without Philosophy”

The 20th edition of the Conference on commemorating Mulla Sadra was held on the theme of “Philosophy and a World without Philosophy” was held by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute and the International Mulla Sadra Society. A great number of pioneer figures in the field of philosophy, senior philosophy masters, authorities, university professors, high school teachers, seminary students, and university students participated in this event.

The Conference was inaugurated on Saturday, 21 May, 2016 in Adineh Complex and continued until late afternoon with 31 speeches, which were held in parallel sessions in three saloons.

It is necessary to note that the presented papers had been chosen by the scientific council of the conference from among the 143 submitted abstracts. The collection of these papers, which had been published in the Conference Proceedings, was given to more than 900 participants of the Conference.