National Conference on Mulla Sadra

May 2002- Tehran



Prof. Seyyed M. Khamenei

Philosophy and Character of Mulla Sadra

Dr. Davari Ardakani


Dr. Jahanghiri


Dr. Khansari


Dr. Mohageg Damad


Dr. Mojtahedi

Chain of being and cognitive perfection

Dr. Ebrahimi Dinani


Dr. A'wani


Javadi Amoli

Asfar al-Arba'ah from the viewpoint of philosophers and theologists

Dr. Javarshakian

Modern manifestation from the analogical structure of existence in transcendent philosophy

Dr. Sanei Darebidi

From the activity of essence in Sadra's view to the creativity of intellect in Kant's viewpoint

Dr. Alahbedashti

The problem of evil in contemporary philosophy and the answer from the viewpoint of Mulla Sadra

Dr. Tuba Kermani

Priority of being in transcendent philosophy and the priority of being in the West

Dr. Entezam

God's knowledge from the viewpoint of Ibn Sina, Sheyq Ishraq, and Mulla Sadra

Dr. Muskarnejad

Development of perfection and substantial motion

Dr. Shakiba

Philosophy from Mulla Sadra's viewpoint

Askari Soleymani

Comparison between Mulla Sadra and Kant; Is existence predicate?

Dr. Fa'ali

Proof of Veracious in two views

Dr. Toorani

Systematic metaphysics in the works of Mulla Sadra and Paul Tillich


Proofs of God's Existence in Islamic Philosophy and Western Philosophy