Development of Wisdom in Iran and in the World

Given the importance of research regarding the history of philosophy, the book of Development of Wisdom in Iran and in the World has been written with the purpose of disclosing some facts in this field for the first time. This book mainly focuses on two themes: "Development of wisdom before Islam" and "Development of wisdom after Islam. In the Preface of the book, the writer has referred to the main principles of writing about history and emphasized the preliminary issues that must be taken into consideration in this regard. From among the topics discussed in this work, we can refer to the origin of wisdom, ancient Greece, Sufist, the story of Aristotelian philosophy, Shi'ite gnosis and Sufism, transfer of Islamic philosophy to Europe, movement of translation in Europe, historical evolution of the Shiraz philosophy and school, etc.

Here, the writer has demonstrated the divine and intellectual origin of wisdom relying on some valid proofs and analyses of the history of philosophy. He has also argued that it is wrong to assume that during ancient times various sciences, including philosophy came to Iran from other countries. Rather, he acknowledges that Iran was the birthplace of philosophy, and the Greek philosophers preceding Socrates took "Eternal wisdom" from Iran to Greece. Later Socrates and his students tried to expand and disseminate it.

At the end of the book, the indexes of names, books, groups, and places have been provided in order to facilitate locating specific information.

The book Development of Wisdom in Iran and in the World by Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei has been published in Persian in 334 pages by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.