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Specialized Library for Philosophy and Rational Sciences

In order to attain its scientific and cultural goals, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has founded a specialized library in the fields of Islamic philosophy, rational sciences, and, particularly, the Transcendent Philosophy. At the first step, a group was formed in order to collect Mulla Sadra’s works. So far, it has managed to locate some invaluable manuscripts in public libraries with treasures of handwritten copies and collect some of them. However, with the expansion of the activities of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute in various fields and also in order to satisfy the needs of wisdom and philosophy enthusiasts, the library has managed to collect some other books not only in Persian, Arabic, and English, but also in other languages, such as German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Presently, the library has a vault, a references unit, a study hall, and a press section. Most of the people visiting the library consist of university and seminary professors, Ph.D. and MA students conducting their research projects, particularly, in the field of Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy, and researchers studying and working in the field Islamic Philosophy.

Moreover, another independent specialized library, called the Library of the History of Wisdom and Philosophy, has been established, which provides the scientific support for the Center for Compiling a Comprehensive History of Wisdom and Philosophy, affiliated with the Institute.

This library seeks to attain certain goal in future some of which are as follows:

1. Equipping the vault and the references section through expanding its relations with universities, cultural centers, and publishers of Islamic books in and out of the country.

2. Creating an articles bank on the Internet so that professors and members of societies can use them.

3. Putting the list of the library’s books on the Internet so that users can go through the pages of some of the reference books.

4. Creating an appropriate context for research on Islamic Philosophy and Culture.

5. Establishing a reservoir for scientific-research journals on Islamic philosophy.

6. Establishing relationships with similar organizations for scientific interactions.

7. Creating an articles bank and preparing the related CDs.

After the establishment of the Center for Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy and Wisdom in the Institute, and according to the ratification of the Center's Council, the Institute has begun the necessary activities to establish another specialized library for the history of philosophy, civilization, and sciences and is proceeding in this regard at an appropriate pace.


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