Lastest News . . .
  Publication of the First Book on the Methodology of Teaching Philosophy to Children: Teaching Methodology of Philosophy and Children 12.03.2016  
Good News for Lovers of Mulla Sadra’s Books and Philosophical Works 22.02.2016
Publication of a Special Issue on the 20th Anniversary of the Publication of Kheradname-ye Sadra Quarterly 22.02.2016
Publication of the 21st Issue of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy 21.02.2016
Publication of the 81st Issue of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra 21.02.2016
Publication of Jalawat Nasiriyyah   01.02.2016
Publication of A Study of the States of Existents   07.02.2016
Publication of the Ninth Issue of Philosophy and Children Journal 02.02.2016
Publication of the Second Volume of Mulla Sadra’s Life, Character, and School   12.01.2016
Holding the Seventh Meeting of Philosophy and Children   10.01.2016



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