Meetings of the Scientific Societies of the History of Philosophy


The first public meeting of the Scientific Society of the History of Philosophy was held on 29 June 2008, and a number of the distinguished professors of the country were present there.

The president of the Islamic Philosophy Institute, Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, delivered a speech on the subject of this meeting, a summary of which is as follows:

Without the history of philosophy, philosophy will be an incomplete entity to which one or more parts should be added. The knowledge of thinkers without a study of the history and background of their thoughts will be weak and sometimes vague and incomprehensive. The history of philosophy is a part of philosophy which was unfortunately not appreciated in our country in the past because some believed that it was beyond them to deal with history. However, we consider both the study of the history of philosophy and the establishment of a society for gathering researchers and scientists in one place to be extremely necessary in our country. In fact, no one had thought about this issue before. Nevertheless, in order to accomplish this task for the first time, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has paid great attention to this problem and launched the project of writing the history of philosophy from its beginning unit today. Fortunately, it has made great progress in this regard, and its authorities wish to serve the world of philosophy and promote the status of philosophy in the world by achieving the goals of this project. However, the accomplishment of this great project demands the establishment of a center called the Scientific Society of the History of Philosophy functioning as an officially recognized and independent organization with the purpose of accurate supervision of the studies and activities required for compiling the history of philosophy. We hope that this Society plays the role of a gathering place for different thoughts and ideas, evaluates them, and promotes group work in the country. Moreover, we hope to be able to satisfy the demands of the interested people overseas because more than 70 foreign members have registered in the Sadra International society so far.

Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei finished his words by expressing his gratitude to all the masters, professors, and researchers who had attended this meeting.

After appreciating Professor Khamenei’s particular attention to the important task of compiling the history of philosophy in Iran, Dr. Khedri announced that the Scientific Society of the History of Philosophy has been established, and its Constitution, which has been devised by nine philosophy masters, has been sent to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. So far, 150 philosophy professors have become members of this huge group project.