Holding Weekly Meetings

The weekly meetings of this Center have been held regularly, based on an accurate timetable, since 2005 under the supervision of the President of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute and with the presence of the members of the Central Council (Dr. Ilkhani, Dr. Kalbasi, Dr. Ayatullahi, Dr. Khedri, Dr. Mulla Salehi, etc.) and the prominent masters of linguistics such as Dr. Amuzegar, Dr. Muhassil, Dr. Mirfakhrayi, and Dr. Zarshenas. The main purposes of these meetings are programming for the activities of the Center, getting in touch with various Iranian and foreign masters, evaluating the activities and written papers, and programming for holding the conferences and specialized seminars.

The ratifications of these meetings are presented to related authorities at the end of each of them. The President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute is responsible for supervising the applications of these ratifications.