Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy and Wisdom

Researchers and expert masters are involved in research and academic activities in the following four general fields, each consisting of certain parts:

1- History of ancient philosophy

  • ancient Greece

  • ancient Iran

  • the Far East, China, Tibet

  • the Middle East, India

  • Roman and Greek Empires

  • transfer of ancient philosophy to Islamic civilization

2- Middle age philosophy A great number of topics and headings are studied in this part, such as:

  • Christianity, holy texts, Greek and Saint Polusian philosophy (as the context of discussion)

  • The holy Roman Empire, Al Queen and the tradition of official teachings

  • Christian gnosis, Maystra Kehartus, Marcilio Ficcino, Origin of Christian gnosis (Muslims)

  • Scientists and thinkers’ avoiding the church

  • The beginning and end of middle ages in the West

3- Philosophy and wisdom in the Islamic philosophy

  • Introduction § Origins of Islamic philosophy in Islam

  • The meaning of philosophy in Islam

  • the Qur’an, hadith, and rational-philosophical thought

  • transfer of early philosophy and sciences to the Islamic world

  • important centers for rational sciences at the time of the rise of Islam § translation of philosophical texts, Ethologia (attributed to Aristotle), Absolute Good, Metaphysics

  • Iranian and Indian influences

  • religious-political groupings and the rise of theology

  • first Muslim philosophers in the Islamic East

  • history of philosophical thought in the Islamic west

  • the appearance and development of Ishraqi philosophy and theoretical gnosis

  • interaction among philosophical schools in the world of Islam as the basis for the growth and transcendence of wisdom and philosophy

  • Islamic philosophy in the present era

4- Philosophy in the contemporary and modern eras (under completion).