Publication of the Glosses of Fakhr al-Din Husayni Sammaki’s upon the Commentary on Maybudi’s Hidayah



The Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has recently published the book of the Glosses of Fakhr al-Din Husayni Sammaki’s upon the Commentary on Maybudi’s Hidayah, and it is now available to all the researchers and people interested in Islamic wisdom and philosophy. This invaluable book was prepared for publication by the efforts of the Research and Edition Department of SIPRIn under the close supervision of Professor Ayatullah Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei and Maqsud Mohammadi.

Hidayat al-hikmat by Athir al-Din Abhari (born in 663 AH) provides a concise but precise account of the principles of logic, physics, and theology, which is the reason why scholars have written several commentaries and glosses on this book since it was published for the first time. Kamal al-Din Seyyedi’s commentary on two physics and theology sections of Abhari’s Hidayat al-hikmat are among the most important commentaries written on this work. Sammaki has written glosses on the physics section of this commentary. Mir Fakhr al-Din Mohammad Ibn Husayn Husayni Astarabadi (died in 984 AH), known as Fakhri (Sammaki) is one of the famous Shi‘ite philosophers of the 10th century (AH).

Sammaki’s supreme place in the fields of philosophy and rational science is manifested through his works such as Glosses on Maybudi’s Commentary on Sharh al-hidayah. Mulla Sadra has frequently referred in his own Sharh al-hidaya to the theories of Maybudi and Sammaki.

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