Message of Ayatullah Professor Khamenei on the Occasion of Mulla Sadra’s Commemoration Day, 2021



In the Name of God

22nd of May is the Day of Mulla Sadra and the day of wisdom and philosophy. On this day, in addition to conferences and philosophical studies, several discussions are held on a number of important problems of the human world regarding their theoretical and practical aspects as well as the practical effects of philosophy on optimal human life. The outcomes of such discussions contribute to living a life in conformity with Shari’a and original natural laws and keeping away from hostility and brutality.

Rational and philosophical wisdom and philosophy were first introduced to human life by the prophets and disseminators of heavenly religions. The guardians and teachers of such gifts were the prophet’s heirs, scholars, and clergymen. Later, lovers of wisdom in different parts of the world tasted the fruit of the tree of philosophy and wisdom, and those who were later called sages and philosophers became involved in guiding their people in terms of morality and behavior.

Presently, human beings require philosophy and wisdom more than any other time in order to live a happy and rational life in tandem with nature. Fortunately, after the holy Islamic Revolution in Iran, philosophy and wisdom found a supreme place in Iran and the names of Iran, Mulla Sadra, Ibn Sina, and other philosophers were spread all over the world. We hope that the authorities in related educational and cultural organizations and centers inside and outside the country contribute more than ever before to the dissemination of wisdom and philosophy in the world.


Ayatullah Professor Khamenei                            

President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute   

May 2021                                          


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