Publication of Farabi and the a-Horuf




The book of Farabi and the al-Horuf: An Inquiry into Farabi’s Linguistic Philosophical Reflections was published. This hardback book, which has been published in 808 pages in the octavo format, is a translation of Farabi’s al-Horuf treatise by Ghasem Pourhasan (‘Allameh Tabataba’i University). This version also includes the comments of the translator.

As one of Farabi’s most important works, al-Horuf treatise discusses rational sciences, syntax, lexicon, and the process of the emergence of words and their growth, development, and evolution. While translating the treatise from Arabic into Persian, Pourhasan has written a research-based commentary on the subjects and problems of the book. He has also written and added an extensive Introduction in 10 sections on the status of philosophy and philosophical trends in Farabi’s period.

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