Publication of Philosophy and Art: Collection of the Papers of the 24th Edition of the Conference of Commemorating Mulla Sadra




The book of Philosophy and Art: Collection of the Papers of the 24th Edition of the Conference of Commemorating Mulla Sadra was published. This book consists of 33 papers in 504 pages in the medium octavo format.

The list of the published papers is given below:

- The Relationship between Philosophy and Art (Ayatullah Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei).

- Art in the Transcendent Philosophy (Gholamreza A’avani)

- Aesthetics and Philosophy of Transcendent Art (Karim Mojtahedi)

- The Relationship between Truth and Art (Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari)

- Art and Disclosure of Truth (Ghasem Pourhasan)

- Philosophical Deliberations over Art (Hassan Bolkhari Gahi)

- Philosophical Art and Non-Philosophical Art (Tuba Kermani)

- Philosophical Art in Early Theorems of Islamic Wisdom (Reza Mohammadzadeh)

- The Sublime and the Possibility of Initiating Social Sciences (Reza Mahuzi)

- Essences and Accidents of Art Based on Well-known Theories in the Philosophy of Art (Hossein Hashemzad)

- Theological and Anthropological Explanations of Art in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy (Abdollah Salavati, Fatemeh Kukaram)

- Correspondence of the Levels of Artistic Imagination with the Levels of Being in the Creation of Cinematic Works from the Viewpoint of Religion (Ali Javadi)

- Is Art a Media for the Manifestation of Truth in Mulla Sadra’s View (Maryam Soltani Kuhanestani, Parastoo Mesbahi Jamshid)

- Explaining the Relationship Between Art and Philosophy with an Emphasis on Sadrian Philosophy) Seyyed Shahab al-Din Hosseini)

- Divine Art in Mulla Sadra’s and its Correspondence with the Architecture of Shaykh Lotfollah Mosque and the Pantheon (Jana Arabzadeh, Hassan Bolkhari Ghahi)

- Nature as the Origin of Art: A Glance at the Interpretation of Colors in the Holy Qur’an (Hassan Rezaei)

- A Sadrian Approach to the Relationship of Imagination with Art and Beauty (Simin Esfandiari, Amir Hosseini Mohammadi)

- Conceptology of Gnostic Art Based on Rumi’s Thoughts and poetry (Somayyeh Asadi)

- The Relationship between Poetry and Truth in Plato (Saeid Shapuri)

- Creation or Perfect Manifestation of Divine Art (Hujjat al-Islam Hossein Arab)

- Art, Philosophy, and Discovery of Truth (Mehdi Ganjvar, Ali Mostajeran Gurtani)

- Nature of Art in the Cradle of Islamic Philosophy (Ebrahim Bazargani)

- Narratology of Artistic Beauty in the View of Muslim Philosophers (Fatemeh Razizadeh)

- An Analysis of Islamic Aestheticism and its Implications for Teaching Art (Sina Torkashvand, Mohammad Kazem Parastesh, Hamid Samimimehr)

- Huge Achievements of Aristotle’s Philosophical System Regarding Art (Mina Mohammadi Vakil)

- A Study of the Impact of the Philosophical Foundations of Hindu Gnostic Views on Art (Parnaz Gudarzparvari)

- A Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Codes and Symbols in Mulla Sadra’s Thoughts (Mehdi Amini)

- Philosophical Roots of Art in India and the Far East (Morteza Goudarzi)

- Color and Light: Moving from Gnostic Manifestation to Artistic Incarnation (Setareh Ahsant, Homa Nozad)

- Foundations of Transcendent Art in Transcendent Philosophy (Javad Parsaei)

- Concepts of Aestheticism and Teleology of Art in Sadrian Philosophy (Mohsen Ebrahimi)

- Physiognomy of Imagination in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy in Henry Corbin (Fakhri Maleki)

- From the Trans-Substantial Motion to movement in Holy Space (Mehdi Hamzehnejad, Shima Eskandarzadeh)

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