The 12th Conference on Commemorating Mulla Sadra, Entitled “The Philosophical School of Shiraz", was held in Shiraz.          23.8.2008

 The 12th Conference on commemorating Mulla Sadra was held by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute with the cooperation of Fars shinasi Institute and the General Office of Endowments and Charitable Bequests of Fars Province in May 22-24, 2008 in Shiraz.

In this three-day Conference, which was held in Hafiziyyah Auditorium next to Hafiz’s mausoleum, twenty philosophy professors of the universities of Tehran, Qum, and Qazwin delivered speeches and presented papers.

 On the first day of the Conference, Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei emphasized in his speech on the necessity of appreciating wisdom in society and said, “Let it not be that by closing the book of philosophy, we waste all the efforts that have been made in order to develop it.” In the gathering of the managers of the administrative organizations of Fars, he said, “There are basically two types of administrative systems in the world: ‘people for the ruler’ and 'the ruler for people'”.

 By reference to philosophers’ efforts in the course of history in order to provide desirable definitions for the ruler, government, and people’s place, he added that the government in Islam cannot act with so much freedom that anyone can do anything in any way. Rather, it must work within a rational and divine framework and even in the form of guardianship and Imamt while enjoying the spirit of prophethood.

The President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, by resorting to Islam’s emphasis upon the rulership of jurisprudents, stated that in an accurate scientific sense, a jurisprudent is the same hakim, as used by philosophers, in ancient times. The major jurisprudent is one who is wise (hakim), has a great knowledge of theology and strong beliefs, is familiar with the laws and principles of ruling the country, knows the practical decree and commandment of Muslims’ society, and can both give decrees and be an administrator. He continued that a philosopher or any person with a healthy and philosophical mind must be aware of his true place in the world and the Hereafter. However, he reminded that it is not necessary to teach philosophy in offices, but it is necessary to use it as a criterion everywhere.

Besides, Hujjat al-Islam Shirmardi, the President of the General Office of Endowments and Charitable Bequests of Fars Province, and Dr. Zahid, the President of Fars shinasi Institute delivered speeches in the Conference.

It is also necessary to mention that, in addition to philosophy professors of seminaries and universities, some of the philosophy and logic students and teachers of the Education and Training Organization of Fars Province and the heads of the philosophy and logic departments of the Education and Training Organizations of Fars Province and other provinces participated in this Conference.

The 12th Conference on commemorating Mulla Sadra came to an end with reading the closing note of the Conference.



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