Registration of the “Scientific Society of Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy” in the Commission of the Scientific Society of Ministry of Education and Technonology


The “Scientific Society of Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy” which is active at both national and international levels, after a request made by the members of its board of founders and submitting in to the meeting of the Commission of Iranian Scientific Societies held on 3.10.2012, was officially registered in this Commission. This Society was founded in 2004 and officially registered and recognized by the legal centers of the country. However, its being registered in the inventory of the scientific societies of the Ministry of Education and Technology will increase its legal and scientific prestige. Presently, this Society has 73 foreign and 65 Iranian members a great number of which are university professors in and out of the country. Moreover, the Scientific Society of Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy became a member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies in 2004, and is considered a forerunner in this regard among the philosophical centers of the country.