Publication of the 19th Issue of Philosophy and Children



The 19th issue of the biannual Journal of Philosophy and Children was published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. The license-holder of this Journal is Zohreh Hosseini, and its editor-in-chief is Touba Kermani. The Table of Contents of this issue is as follows:

“A Critical Analysis of the Program of Spirituality for Kids in USA and its Kabbalah Principles”

“Iranian Disposition of the Transcendent Philosophy and its Application to the Fundamental Transformation of Education”

“Teaching Conservation of Environment to Children (with Reference to Religious Teachings)”

“Meditative Thinking in a Research Circle of Teaching Program of “Philosophy and Children””

“A Comparative Study of Iranian Models of Education and other Schools of Education”

“Facilitating Principles in Philosophy and Children Corresponding to Islamic Thought”


The online version of this issue is also available on The print version will soon be available to interested readers.



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