Publication of the 12th Issue of Philosophy and Children Journal


The 12th issue of the Specialized Quarterly of Philosophy and Children was published. The license-holder of this Journal is Professor Ayatullah Khamenei, and its director and editor-in-chief are Zohreh Hosseini and Tuba Kermani, respectively.

The members of the Editorial Board of this Journal are: Ayatullah Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, Gholamhossein Ibrahimi Dinani, Gholamreza A‘awani, Reza Dawari Ardakani, Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki, ‘Abdulrazzaq Hesamifar, Alinaqi Baqirshahi, and Qasim Pourhassan.

The following articles are published in the 12th issue of the Journal:

  •  “A Structured Study of Teaching Philosophizing in Iranian Schools”, Yusuf Seifzad

  • “Is the “Philosophy for Children” Program Based on a Neutral and Presupposition-Free Plan?”, Nawab Moqarrabi

  • “Necessity of Piety and Faith for the Philosophical Education of Children (with an Emphasis on the Qur’an and the Words of the Imams and Infallibles)”, Ahmadreza Azerbaijani (Azar) and Alireza Faqihi

  • “The Relationship between Imagination and Consumption in Computer Games”, Seyyed Mehdi Nazemi Qarebagh

  • “Philosophy of Play and its Role in Children’s Intellectual Growth Based on P4C”, Kobra Ahmadvand, Soheila Gholami Hardashti, and Hamid Ahmadi Hedayat

  • “A Return to the Reality of Self: A Philosophical-Moral Analysis of the Little Prince”, Saeideh Qayemi Majd

  • “A Comparison of the Personality Characteristics, Identity Styles, and Thrill-Seeking of Internet Addict and Non-Addict Male High School Students”, Azadeh Mehrpooyan, Saeed Shaikhi, and Morad Shahmoradi

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