Publication of the 10th Issue of Philosophy and Children Quarterly



The 10th issue of the specialized Quarterly of Philosophy and Children was published by the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. Professor Ayatullah Mohammed Khamenei is the license holder of this Quarterly with Zohreh Hosseini as its director, Tuba Kermani as its editor-in-chief, and Mojgan Parvinian as its executive manager.

The Board of Directors of this Journal consists of the following: Professor Ayatullah Mohammed Khamenei, Gholamhossein Ibrahimi Dinani, Gholamreza A‘awani, Reza Dawari Ardakani, Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki, ‘Abdulrazzaq Hesamifar, Ali Naqi Baqershahi, and Qasem Pourhassan.

The Editorial of this specialized Quarterly by Tuba Kermani reads as follows:

The children of today are the makers of future and the philosophical and intellectual arms of all people and nations. The quality of their education, training, life skills, and intellectual and spiritual growth today demonstrates the quality of their thoughts and acts tomorrow… In the traditional Islamic books on education we come across a recommendation which sounds very strange: If you wish to have a mentally and physically healthy child, you should not only look after them from the moment they are born, but also pay attention to the moral, ethical, and medical background of your spouse at the moment of choosing them… Given this statement, could we ever claim that each period is separate from its previous periods?

In the other parts of the Journal, we can see the following titles:

  • A Study of the Impact of Reading the Stories of S‘adi’s Gulistan on Developing Adolescents’ Moral Judgment based on the Method of Teaching Philosophy to Children (P4C)

Tayyebeh Mahrouzadeh and Elham Tajar

  • Future is Made by Childish Characteristics

Alireza Amin

  • A Study of the Impact of Questions Containing Unconventional Words and Arrangements on Developing Children’s Philosophical Mind

Ahmadreza Azarbaijani, Mohammad Sa‘idian, and Zohreh Keshavarz        

  • A Study of the Effects of Philosophy for Children Program on the Achievement Motivation of Students

Fatemeh Azamatmadar

  • The Relationship between Metacognitive Strategies, Creativity, and Autonomy of Students

Sa‘id Sheikhi and Heshmatollah Nazari

  • A Study of Various Public Order Skills in Philosophy for Children Approaches based on the Islamic Indigenization Criteria

Mohammad Hassan Mirza Mohammadi, Mostafa Karimi, and Hamid Ahmadi Hedayat    

  • Educational Counseling through Philosophical Dialog

Maryam Diba Vajari

The 10th issue of the Journal is available to interested readers at a price of 50,000 rials. This issue and the previous issues of Philosophy and Children Quarterly can be bought from the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute (phone: 0098-21-88153594). The Journal is also available at the following address:

-No. 1218, - Parsa Cultural Complex, - Between Fakhr Razi and Daneshgah streets, - Enghelab Street, - Tehran, Iran  -Phone: 0098-21-66973202


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