The publication of the second volume of the collection of papers, "Man on the Path of Being."          3.12.2007

 The second volume of "Man on the Path of Being",

 written by Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, was published by Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.


Based on the report given by the Public Relations Office of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, this book is a collection of papers by Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei in four general chapters under the titles of epistemology, ontology, the philosophy of religion (theology), and psychology (anthropology).

This collection consists of papers that the writer has previously presented in national and international philosophical congresses both in Iran and abroad. In addition, there are also some papers which were written on specific occasions in response to requests by others so that meaning is released from the prison of the mind and sent to the arena of other thoughts. In this way, the writer has tried to serve philosophy to the best of his ability.

 In the introduction, Professor Khamenei writes:

 With all its glory, being is like a stage on which human beings are the actors, and everything, including the clouds, the wind, the moon, the sun, the sky, and the angels, is at work so that the roles of humans and the secret director of the play are revealed. All the components of this stage are accessible to man so that, after conquering them one by one and climbing up each and every step, he reaches the end point and performs his role completely.

Being is like an orchestra as vast as the universe. Here, everyone sings a song, and each human behavior in the course of life is like a plectrum that strikes the strings of existence and spreads its music all over the universe.

The other titles included in this collection are: ‘Allamah Tabataba’i, Majlisi, and the Hadith of the Intellect and Tradition, Aristotle, Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy, the Philosophy of Criticism and Critical Philosophy, The Sun Will Rise in the East Again, The Mission of a Philosopher in the Contemporary World, Political and Social Pluralism, The Relationship between Language and Being, Mulla Sadra’s Qur’anic Interpretive and Hermeneutic Principles, and the Perception of God’s Words in Mulla Sadra’s School.

The Publication Center of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has recently published 2000 copies (each 264 pages) of the second volume of the collection of articles, "Man on the Path of Being". It is now available for interested parties and knowledgeable readers.




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