Publication of Issue 90 of the Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra


A new issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra was published. The Table of Contents of this issue is given below:

  • “An Explanation of the Ontological Principles, Genetic Place, and Effects of Mohammedan Truth in the Transcendent Philosophy”, Mahdi Ganjvar and Naser Mo’meni

  • “A Study and Evaluation of the Foundations of Mulla Sadra’s Theory of Ambiguity “, Seyyed Eshagh Hosseini Kohsari, Davoud Saemi, and Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi Moghaddam

  • “Human Rational Soul in Rumi”, Nafise Hashemi Golpaygani

  • “The Relationship between the Graded Unity of Existence and the Theory of Perfect Man in Mutahhari”, Reza Safari Kandsari

  • “An Analysis of the Relationship between Chimeric Time and Temporal Origination in the View of Mutikallimun”, Alireza Kohansal and M‘asoomeh Sadat Sary Arefi

  • “A Critical Study of Fayyad Lahiji’s View of the Gnostic Oneness of Being”, Mahmoud Seidi and Hadi Hashemi

  • “A Semantic Analysis of Theoretical Reason and Practical Reason in the View of Mulla Sadra”, Mohammad Javad Zorrieh, Mohammad Bidhendi, and Ja‘far Shanazari

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