Publication of the 82nd Issue of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra



The 82nd issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra has been published. The Table of Contents of this issue is given below:


  • Negation through the Denial of Subject: A Study of Khwajah Nair’s View

Seyyed Mahmoud Yousef Sani

  • The Relationship between Genetic and Religious Affairs in Theoretical Gnosis

Reza Safari Kandsari

  • Community of Names in Ibn Arabi’s Philosophical System

Abdolreza Mazaheri and Fatemeh Mohammad

  • A Solution to the Dilemma of Evil in the View of Muslim Philosophers and Mutikallimun

Akbar Faydei and M‘arufali Ahmadvand

  • Formalization of Knowledge and its Effect on the Theory of Imitative Images: An Analytic-Descriptive Study of Farabi’s Thought

Ebrahim Bazargani

  • A Critical Study of the Applications of the Theory of the “Copulative Existence of the Effect” in Philosophical Problems

Ali Arshad Riyahi and Fattah Honarjoo

  • Place of Persuasion and Imagination in Leadership in Farabi

Nadia Maftooni and Fattaneh Tavanapanah


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