The Publication of the 50th Volume of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra          20.4.2008

 The 50th volume of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra, a journal in the field of Islamic philosophy, was published.


This volume of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra Quarterly, like previous volumes, includes a number of specialized and philosophical papers, as follows:

 Mulla Sadra's Life, Works, and Philosophy

           Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei.

Man’s Place in Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy

           Reza Akbarian

 Explaining the Principle of “Action and Reaction” Based on the Principle of “Partnership” in Kant’s Philosophy

           Yusuf Shaqul and Reza Mahuzi

Mulla Sadra’s Methodology Concerning the Issue of the Creator’s Knowledge

           Muhammed Ghafurinejad and Ahad Faramaz Qaramaleki

A Study of the Relationship between some Philosophical Sciences and Psychology

           Abdullah Nasri and Mas’ud Umid

The Principle of the Impossibility of Contradiction: The Transcendent Philosophy and Fuzzy Logic

           Mahdi Huseinzadeh Yazdi

Imagination in Ibn Arabi’s Gnostic Manzumah (part 2)

           Maryam Sani’pur and Ahmad Beheshti

The last part of this volume is devoted to a report on the "World Philosophy Day" Conference, which was held in November 2007 by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.

The editor-in-chief of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra is Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei, and its content is edited and supervised by the Editorial Board. The 50th volume of this journal has been recently published and is now available to lovers of knowledge and philosophy at a price of 800 tomans.




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