Publication of the 23rd Issue of History of Philosophy Quarterly



The Table of Contents of the 23rd issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of History of Philosophy is as follows:

  • The Relationship between Ibn Sina and Peripatetic Philosophy (Historical Semantics of the Term “Peripatetic”)

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Dibaji

  • An Analytic Study of the Background of the Growth of Philosophy in the Buyid Period

Ali Akbar Kajbaf and Sae‘id Moa’kedi

  • Governance and Happiness in ‘Allamah Tabataba’i’s Political Thoughts

‘Abdolmotalleb Abdollah

  • A Historical Study of the Origins of the Problem of Method in Western Philosophy and its Reflection on the Methodologies of Descartes and Spinoza

Hossein Saberi Varzaneh

  • Muslims’ Knowledge of Buddhism: A Study of the Early Islamic Texts and some Evidence from the Pre-Islamic Period

Muhammad Reza ‘Adli

  • Substance in Modern Empiricism

Alireza Javanmardi Adib and Mohammad Akvan

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