Meeting in Honor of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei


In recognition of the academic and spiritual station of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, a meeting was held on Monday, 27th May 2013 by the Society of Iranian Cultural Works and Figures in Wahdat Hall. This meeting hosted a number of prominent academic and cultural figures including Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute; Seyyed Mohammed Hosseini, Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance; Ayatullah Gholamreza Fayyadi, Head of Board of Directors of the Supreme Assembly of Islamic Wisdom; Reza Dawari Ardakani, Director of the Sciences Culture House of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Hujjat al-Islam Ali Akbar Rashad, Director of Islamic Culture and Thought Research Center; Hujjat al-Islam ‘Abdulhossein Khosropanah, Head of Wisdom and Philosophy Research Institute; Mohammed Baqir Khorramshad, Head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization; Gholamhossein Dinani, the distinguished master of philosophy, and many other thinkers and lovers of knowledge and science.

The participants in the ceremony, while honoring the academic and spiritual services of Professor Khamenei, praised the efforts of this religious thinker in founding the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute and confirmed his influential role in reviving Islamic philosophy and, particularly, the “Transcendent Philosophy”.



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