Announcement to all Mass Media                  10.05.2009


In order to commemorate the renowned Iranian philosopher, Mulla Sadra, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, like previous years, intends to hold a conferenced entitled “Philosophical Training and the Philosophy of Education”.


For inferential thought and logical functioning, which are required for man’s happiness to be constitutionalized, it is necessary to study the factors and strategies leading to philosophical training and its pathology and pre-requisites. As the custodian of thought and reasoning, philosophy plays an clear role in this process.

The study of this issue has always been of great importance to the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute and its President, Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei. Holding annual conferences is an effective move in line with this supreme purpose.

Therefore, given the significance of the title of the Conference to Commemorate Mulla Sadra in 2009 and it noteworthy educational effect on the educational organizations of our society, an appropriate media coverage of this event is necessary. In this way, the respected representative of mass media are invited to attend the Conference in order to give an extensive news coverage to it.

This Conference will be inaugurated at 8:30 am on Thursday 21 May 2009 with the speech of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, the honorable President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, in Talash Auditorium of Labour Ministry at the following address:

Before Shahid Chamran Highway

After Jam-e Jam Street

Vali Asr Street

It is necessary to emphasize that the liaisons of the media that are interested in participating in the Conference must be introduced to the Public Relations Office of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute until 9 May 2009 in order to receive the required card for ease of transportation.

In order to receive more information contact the Public Relation Office of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy institute at the following numbers: 0098-21-88734687,


The details of the scheduelle of the Conference will be sent to interested applicants.


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