Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei: “Establishing the National Society is a Great Service to the World of Philosophical Thought and Philosophical Thought in the World.”           23.8.2008


         Last week, the first meeting of the Society of the History of Philosophy was held by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute in order to elect the members of its Board of Directors and Investigation Board.

In this meeting, which was held with the presence of the President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, the representative of the Higher Education Ministry, and the representative of the Commission of the Scientific Societies of this Ministry, from among the 150 people who announced their readiness for candidacy in the election by putting advertisements in widely circulated newspaper, 5 people were elected as the main members of the Board of Directors, 2 people as substitute members, one person as the main inspector, and one person as the substitute inspector by gaining the majority of votes.

In his speech, by making a short reference to the effects of paying attention to various fields of philosophy after revolution, Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei said, “Philosophy is not complete without the history of philosophy, and it is impossible to gain a thorough knowledge of thinkers and philosophers without knowing anything about their historical background.”

He also emphasized the importance of the history of philosophy as a basic part of the science of philosophy and expressed his regret for lack of attention to the history of philosophy simply because it is difficult to explore, and also because some masters believe that dealing with the history of philosophy is beyond them.

After referring to the necessity of establishing the Society of the History of Wisdom and Philosophy and appreciating the history of philosophy, the President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, stated, “The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, intends to examine the history of philosophy from its dawn until now in order to remove some of the spiteful mistakes of some Westerners and, in this way, make a great service to the world of philosophical thought.

To continue with his words, Ayatullah Khamenei reminded, “There is a vital and urgent need to this Society as an officially recognized center in the country in order for thinkers to exchange their ideas and theories, to attain growth and dynamicity in the context of the history of wisdom, and to get used to cooperation and working together in the country, which, in contrast to intellectual principles and the rules of human primordial nature and Shari’a, is rarely witnessed here.

Finally, the President of Sadra Islamic Institute, by referring to the optimal activities of Mulla Sadra International Society and its 70 foreign members, expressed hope that this Society, relying on the endeavors and cooperation of professors of various disciplines, such as history, philosophy, archeology, linguistics, etc., can satisfy all international needs and demands.



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