Publication of the Translation of the Commentary on Ya-Sin Chapter


The Commentary on Ya-Sin Chapter, the everlasting work of Mulla Sadra, which has been translated by Seyyed Sadr al-Din Taheri under the supervision of Ayatullah Professor Muhammed Khamenei, has been published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute in 539 pages in 1,000 copies and at a price of 34,000 tomans.

The translator has written in the Introduction as follows: “Mulla Sadra’s method in most of his works, such as his commentaries, entails extensive, comprehensive, and detailed research-based explanations of issues from different aspects. This method, by itself, might result in the creation of a tiresome work; however, his language of expression is such that the reader does not feel tired of reading and tolerates all the repetitions and redundancies.

Interested readers can purchase this book from the Sales and Subscription Unit of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute (phone: 0098-21-88153594) and the Sates Office of the Institute’s Publication Center at the following address:

No. 1218,

Parsa Cultural Complex,

Enghelab Street (in front of Tehran University),

Tehran, Iran

Phone: 0098-21-66973202 

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