Publication of Mulla Sadra’s Commentary on Usul al-Kafi, Volume 5                 08.03.2010


The fifth volume of the invaluable book of Commentary on Usul al-Kafi, which is one of the masterpieces of the science of hadith, has been published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.

Various commentaries had been written before this book on the book of the distinguished muhaddith, Kulayni Razi, which were not quite satisfactory. Undoubtedly, the book written by the philosopher and expert on Qur’an, Mulla Sadra, and published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute is the best existing commentary on Usul al-kafi.

The fifth volume of Usul al-kafi, which has been recently edited and published in a completely technical style, is on an important issue in Islam, i.e. “Proof”. The different chapters of this book are as follows:

Chapter 1: Necessity of Proof

Chapter 2: Levels of Prophets, Messengers, and Leaders (Imams)

Chapter 3: The Differences between a Messenger, a Prophet, and a Muhaddith

Chapter 4: God’s Proof for People does not End unless with the Imam

Chapter 5: The Earth is not Void of Proof

Chapter 6: If there are only Two People on the Earth, One of them is God's Proof

Chapter 7: Imam’s Knowledge, Referring Religious Affairs to him, and Surrendering to his Command

Chapter 8: Obedience to the Imams is Necessary

Chapter 9: The Imams are God’s Evidence for People

Chapter 10: The Imams are the same Leaders

Chapter 11: The Imams are the Favorites of God and the Guardians of His Knowledge


This volume of Commentary on Usul al-Kafi has been published with edition, research, and Introduction by Subhan Ali Kusha under the Supervision of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei in 373 pages, including the various lists of hadiths, names, books, etc., by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute and is now available to interested readers.


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