Publication of A Collection of Mulla Sadra’s Philosophical Treatises (4 volumes) by Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute


The book A Collection of Mulla Sadra’s Philosophical Treatises in 3 volumes has been recently published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute under the supervision of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei.

The first volume of this book consists of the following treatises: Ittisaf al-mahiyyah bi al-wujud, al-Tashakhkhus, Sarayan al-wujud, Ajwabat al-masa’il, al- al-rububiyyah, and al-Mizaj. Seyyed Mahmoud Yusuf Thani was the editor, researcher, and translator of the first three treatises and wrote the Introductions to them. Hamid Naji had the same responsibilities for the last three of them.

The second volume includes the following treatises: Hashr al-‘ashya’, al-Hashriyyah, Khalaq al-‘amal, al-qadha wal-qadar, and al-Ma’ad al-jismani. Sa’id Nazari Tawakuli, Ali Asghari J’afari Walani, Mehdi Dehbashi, and Kazim Mudir Shanechi were responsible for the required edition, research, and Introduction of the above treatises, respectively.

The third volume includes Ikthir al-‘arifin fi m’arifat tariq al-haq wal yaqin, and al-Waridat al-qalbiyyah fi m’arifat al-rububiyyah. The responsibility of editing the treatises, performing research on them, translating them, and writing Introductions to them were on Seyyed Yahya Yathribi and Ahmad Shafi’iha.

The book A Collection of Philosophical Treatises was written by Sadr al-Din Muhammed Shirazi, nicknamed Sadr al-Muti’allihin and known as Mulla Sadra, the prominent Islamic philosopher, expert on the Qur’an, interpreter, expert on the knowledge of hadith, and muhaddith of the 10th and 11th centuries (AH).

The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, following its common tradition, intends to make Mulla Sadra’s unique works accessible to the lovers of wisdom, interpretation, hadith, and Islamic teachings in the best way possible in terms of accurate edition, Introduction, glosses, translation, and publication quality.

This book involves Mulla Sadra’s most profound works written in different periods. Undoubtedly, this is a Collection of some extremely invaluable treasures of the history of philosophy in the world of Islam. It is of great importance and value and deserves the deep appreciation of masters and researchers in the field of Islamic philosophy.

By publishing this work, the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has managed to satisfy the need of researchers and lovers of Islamic philosophy to this precious book. However, the Institute will publish the 4th volume of this Collection and some of Mulla Sadra’s other works which have not been previously published in the near future.

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