The Publication of the Special Edition of Philosophy and Children (P&C)


The special edition of Philosophy and Children (P&C) was published under the title “Child, Thinking, Creativity” by the Philosophy and Children Group affiliated with Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute. Experts in pedagogy believe that familiarizing children with philosophical concepts, in addition to having some positive impacts on their listening and speaking skills, can accelerate their process of developing a social character and enhance their thoughts.

Accordingly, the purpose of this edition is to introduce the practitioners in the fields of education and training and students' parents with the Project of Philosophy and Children and the activities of the related research group in Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.

This special edition starts with an interview with Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei concerning the background of this project in Iran. He has provided a number of invaluable guidelines in this regard. The body consists of some papers on the analysis, criticism, and study of the Philosophy and Children Project written by experts in philosophy, education, and training. The edition ends with a report on the status of philosophy and children in Iran.



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