Presence of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute in the Research-Technological Achievements Exhibition                08.03.2010


The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute had a brilliant presence in the 10th Exhibition of Research-Technological Achievements in two stands of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra Quarterly and the Society of the History of Philosophy and Wisdom.


The 10th Exhibition of research and technology, which was held under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in the Great Imam Khomeini Mosque, ended last week.

The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, which has always followed the purpose of executing several research projects as one of its main activities, had an active presence in this exhibition in the stand of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra Quarterly in the Journals Section and the Society of the History of Philosophy and Wisdom in the Societies Section.

In the stand of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra Quarterly, the different issues of this scientific-research journal in the field of Islamic philosophy welcomed all visitors. The Editor-in-Chief of this Journal is Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei.

In the stand of the Society of the History of Philosophy and Wisdom, which works under the Supervision of the President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, a short report of the activities and goals of the four scientific groups of the Project of "Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy and Wisdom" was presented to visitors. The main titles in this report included the history of thought and ancient philosophy, history of Islamic philosophy, history of philosophy in the Middle Ages and modern and contemporary philosophies.

This Center was founded for the first time by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute and is membered by professors and researchers holding philosophy chairs in the five continents and all Islamic countries.

The Center for Compiling a Comprehensive History of Wisdom and Philosophy has been holding regular meetings for technical and scientific counseling based on an accurate program and timetable in order to write and publish this work in two Persian and English languages in a collection consisting of 40 volumes. The pictures related to these meeting were displayed in the stand of the Society of the History of Philosophy and Wisdom.

From among the other achievements of this Center, we can refer to the specialized library of wisdom and philosophy. During the last four years, a great number of historical and philosophical sources, including old and new versions and the works of various editors have been collected and transferred to this library.

Another noteworthy point in this stand was the posters related to the Call for Papers of the Specialized Journal of the History of Philosophy published under the supervision of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute. This Journal will publish those articles in the field of history of philosophy, comparative studies, and etymology of philosophical schools which include innovative ideas and are written analytically in line with research principles in eloquent Persian.

The 10th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements was held with presence of 42 ministries and research institutes, 68 universities and research centers, 150 scientific journals, 26 international journals, and 113 scientific projects.

In spite of the lack of accurate programming and presence of numerous defects, the authorities of the Exhibition maintained that it was of a higher quality comparing to previous years.

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