The Publication of the Second Issue of the Special Edition of Philosophy and Children                  11.07.2009





The permission holder of this journal is the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute and its Editor-in-Chief is Professor Mohammed Khamenei. This edition begins with the Supreme Leader’s words bout the “training of children’s mind”. It is, then, followed by an editorial written by Zohreh Hosseini, the head of the Research Unit of “Philosophy and Children” affiliated to the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.

This edition consists of eleven parts in the form of analytic articles, research reports, translation of specialized texts on “philosophy and children”. It also includes some related caricatures and several pictures of the practical “philosophy and children” workshops at this research unit, which have made it more attractive. an>

In her editorial, Zohreh Hosseini, by referring to the purpose of Islam as to paving the ground for man’s perfection and leading him to the right path, maintains that the designing of a harmonious and systematic program following these purposes is an evident issue, which is not, of course, very easy.

By referring to the Holy Prophet’s words concerning the great effect of education and training during childhood, she continues by saying that the role of the “philosophy and children” program in helping the training of the hidden human values and potentials through philosophical thought is greatly useful.

The head of the Research Unit of Philosophy and Children of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute refers to a subtle point in her Editorial. She says that considering the training of philosophical thought in children as an easy issue and relying on western and secular means in this regard, especially in the absence of the specific skills required for this task, will harm children’s thoughts in irreparable ways. She believes that the lawful interference of the authorities in this field is necessary. Finally, she brings the Editorial to an end by appreciating the cooperation of the authorities of the Training and Education Ministry in the practical execution of the “Philosophy and Children” project.

The second issue of Philosophy and Children Journal includes the following papers:

- The Place of Critical Thinking in the “Philosophy and Children Project”, Zohreh Tuti

- A Philosophical Study based on Iranian Culture, Mahdi Nikbakht

- Logical Skill in the “Philosophy and Children Project”, Maryam Solgi

- Philosophical Worldview in Reflective Stories, Z. Mehraban and Roya Matin

This issue also includes an interview with Dr. Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki, from Tehran University, on Turning Philosophy into an Applied Field in Society, Maryam A’ala’i’s translation of Sara Stanley’s article entitled The Application of Philosophical Questions, and two analytic papers entitled The Effect of Colors on Thinking and Creativity and The Role of Breakfast in Learning.

From among the other materials published in this special edition, we can refer to some reports on the dialogs with the teacher of the Philosophy and Children Project, the parents of the students participating in philosophy and children workshops, and an instance of the story discussion project in the field of “philosophy and children”.

The second issue of the special edition of Philosophy and Children entitled Children, Thinking, and Creativity has been published by the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute in 87 pages and is now available to the researchers and people interested in this field.


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