Publication of the Eighth Issue of the Philosophy and Children Journal



The eighth issue of the specialized Quarterly of Philosophy and Children (instructional-research-analytic degree from the fourth issue) was published. The license holder of this Journal is Professor Ayatullah Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei, its director is Zohreh Hosseini, and its editor-in-chief is Tuba Karmani.

The Table of Contents of this issue is given below: 

  • “Development of Creativity in Children”, Morteza Esma‘ili Kartiji

  • “An Analysis of the Role of Schools in Establishing Public Order based on the Interactions between School-Masters, Teachers, and Students”, Mohammad Heydar Ya‘qubi

  • “A Review and Reconstruction of the Story of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan and its Use in the Program of Philosophy and Children (P&C)”, Nawwab Muqarrabi

  • “A Study of the Principles of Public Order in the Fundamental Reform Document of Education based on the Holy Qur’an”, Muhammad Hassan Mirza Muhammadi, Hamid Ahmadi Hedayat, and Mustafa Karimi

  • “Teaching Order to Children through Philosophy and Rational Thought”, Soghra Babapour, Sediqeh Ahmadi, and Fariba Akbarzadeh

  • “A Study of the Place of Philosophy for Children in Public Order in Society”, M‘asumeh Qadamyari and Roxana Rashidpour

  • “A Framework for Facilitating Classroom Dialogue”, Maughn Rollins Gregory, Translated by Mohammad Reza Vaez Shahrestani

 The members of the Editorial Board of Philosophy and Children Journal are as follows: Professor Ayatullah Khamenei, Gholamhossein Ibrahimi Dinani, Gholamreza A‘awani, Reza Dawari Ardakani, Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki, ‘Abdulrazzaq Hesamifar, Ali Naqi Baqershahi, Qasem Pourhassan.

Zohreh Hosseini has written in the Editorial of this issue as follows: “Nobody questions the importance of training and education in the country based on the culture dominating its society. We are well-aware that the educational system of each society is one of the most fundamental factors whose good or bad effects are revealed during the next years or centuries. I intended to write something about the significance of this issue; however, the more I tried, the more I understood that whatever I write will not be as illuminating as the words of our dear Supreme Leader on the Teachers’ Day. Therefore, I decided to quote some of his precious statements in his meeting with teachers on 19.04.2015. In a part of his speech, Ayatullah Khamenei maintained:

A good teacher can create great men and women and distinguished figures even in a defective educational system. Therefore, the key feature in this system is the teacher. But, what is the responsibility of a teacher? Clearly, it is the training of a generation which is wise, faithful, self-confident, hopeful, happy, mentally and physically healthy, intellectual, strong-willed, economical, and productive. A teacher should train such a generation, which is a daunting task … “Teaching is the job of prophets” …. “Teaching is a prophetic job.”

It is noted that interested people can obtain this Journal and the other publications of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute by contacting the Sale and Subscription Unit of the Institute at the following phone number: 0098-21-88153594.


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