Publication of the 18th Biannual Journal of Philosophy and Children



The 18th issue of the Specialized Biannual Quarterly of Philosophy and Children was published. The license-holder of this Journal is the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute; its director is Zohreh Hosseini Khamenei, and its editor-in-chief is Touba Kermani.

In this issue of the Journal, the following papers appear after the Editorial:

“Dramaturgy of the Animation of the Line as a Pattern for Philosophy and Children”, Nadia Maftouni

“An Analysis of Contextualism and its Consequences in Richard Paul’s Theory of “Fair-minded Critical Thinking””, Zahra Ommi and Ghasem Pourhasan

“From Traditional Schools to Government Schools: Rereading the Practical and Theoretical Motivations of Schools in Qajar Period”, Reza Mahuzi

“A Study of the Development of Ideas Concerning the Concept of Childhood in Ancient Iran”, Majid Khari Arani and Akbar Rahnama

“Moral Training of Children from the Islamic Perspective”, Atefeh Souhani

“A Study of the Place of Cyberspace in Education: Opportunities and Threats”, Kobra Ahmadvand, Zahra Taghyzade Ghavam, Samane Dastforoshan, and Soheila Gholami Haredashti

“Philosophical Patterns of Irano-Islamic Way of Training Children”, Masoome Zabihi


The Editorial of this issue reads: “Queries awaken people and promote new ideas. They are the triggers of imagination and creativity, which is one of the most valuable and praiseworthy possessions of a nation particularly on the part of children. Imagination encompasses the whole world, and what we will know and perceive in the future is hidden in creativity. Hence, we should try to teach children to think, rather than to judge, and be creative in this process; it is in fact our duty to provoke this natural and intrinsic desire in our children.”

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