Publication of the 16th Issue of the Biannual Journal of Philosophy and Children


The 16th issue of the specialized Quarterly of Philosophy and Children has been published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. The managing editor and editor-in-chief of this Journal are Zohreh Hosseini Khamenei and Touba Kermani, respectively. The Table of Contents of this issue is given below:

  •  “Why Friendship? A Plan for Training Children in a Society”, Reza Mahuzi

  • “A Study of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Mathnawi’s Stories (Sixth Book) on Philosophy for Children”, Zahra Sattar Panahi, and Zaynab Barkhordari

  • “The Impact of Teaching Program of Philosophy for Children upon the Development of Critical Thinking in Using Cyberspace”, Maryam Solgi, and Omalbanin Keshavarz Rodaki

  • “A Comparative Study of the Anthropological Principles of Ibn Sina and Matthew Lipman”, Meisam Fallahi

  • “A Critical Approach to the Content of Cyberspaces in Philosophical Communities of Inquiry”, Mehrnoosh Hedayati, and Elham Sabery

  • “Methods of Deepening Religious Beliefs in Children”, Atefeh Sowhani

  • “A Study of the Augmentation of Effectiveness of Teaching Philosophy for Children and Youth on the Happiness of First Grade Middle Girl Students in Tehran”, Ma’ideh Yusufi

The Editorial reads: “In the course of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, the conditions of children are more critical and complicated than other age groups. Children’s spiritual subtlety makes them more vulnerable to psychological damages, which is the reason why any service regarding their post-traumatic rehabilitation is of prime importance. Psychologists, psychotherapists, and child psychology experts could provide great help in the process of strengthening children’s personal character and healing their psychological problems so that they can gradually return to their normal selves …”

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