Publication of the 88th Issue of Kheradname-ye Sadra


Issue 88 of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra was published. This issue contains the following papers:


“A Study of Suhrawardi’s and Mulla Sadra’s Interpretations of the Ontological Relationship between Quiddity and Existence in Ibn Sina’s Philosophy”, Seyyed Mohammad Entezam

“A Study of Qunawi’s Philosophical Gnosis”, Gholamreza Hosseinpour

“Evidence on the Presence of the Principiality of Existence in Ibn Sina’s Thoughts in the Viewpoint of the Transcendent Philosophy”, Mostafa Momeni

“Wisdom: The Lost Commodity of Contemporary Man”, Touba Kermani and Habib Karkon

“Mulla Sadra’s View of Philosophy”, Mansure Rahmani, Ahad Faramarz Gharamaleki, and Ghasem Kakaie

“Fundamental Principles of Anthropology in Mulla Sadra”, Alireza Javanmardi Adib and Nafiseh Fayyazbakhsh

“A Study of the Principle of Nobler Possibility and its Relationship with the Principiality of Existence”, Hasan Saeidi and Amir Osati


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