Publication of the 79th Issue of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra



The 79th issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra was published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. This issue contains the following papers:

  • “Unity of Being, Unity of Intuition, and Speaking of God”, Ghasim Kakaie and Tayyebeh Masoumi

  • “The Relationship of Theory and Practice with Moral Habits and Man’s Essential Change in the Transcendent Philosophy”, Esma’il S’aadati Khamseh

  • “Contexts and Causes of Posing Inconsistent Philosophical Theories in Mulla Sadra’s Works”, Saeed Anvari and Seyyed Jalil Hosseinnia

  • “A Study of the Concomitants of the Psychological Aspect of the Theory of Ideas: Controversy in Mulls Sadra’s Defense of Ideas”, Ali Shirvani and Fatemeh Razizade

  • “The Role of the Ideal Level of the Soul in Establishing the Soul-Body Relation in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy”, Mohammad Miri

  • “A New Explanation of the Division of Intelligibles based on the Transcendent Philosophy”, Seyyed Ahmad Ghaffari Qarabagh

The abstracts of the current and previous issues of Kheradname-ye Sadra are available to the public in the website of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. Interested people can obtain this Journal by contacting the Sales and Subscription Unit of the Institute at the following phone number: 0098-21-88153594.


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