Publication of the 78th Issue of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra



The 78th issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra was published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. This issue contains the following papers:

  • “A Critique of “the Methodological Role of the Principle of Nothing Proceeds from the One but the One”, Mahdi ‘Azimi

  • “Semantics of the Appellation “Necessary Being in itself”, Seyyed Mohammad Entezam

  • “The Transcendent Philosophy and a Fortiori Logic”, Mahmud Zeraatpishe

  • “Essential Possibility and Potential Possibility in Mulla Sadra and ‘Allamah Tabataba’i”, Mohammad Saeedi Mehr and Seyyed Shahriyar Kamali Sabziwari

  • “A Study of the Effect of Mulla Sadra’s View of the Soul on his View of Revelation”, Forough al-Sadat Rahimpoor and Majid Yaryan

  • “The Mind and the Representative Levels of Perception in Sadr al-Din Qunawi”, Morteza Jafarian and Mohammad Javad Rezaeirah

  • “Transformation of the Problem of “the Universal and the Particular” in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy of Principiality of Existence”, Mohammad Hosseinzadeh

It is noted that the abstracts of all the issues of Kheradname-ye Sadra are available to the public in the website of the Institute. Moreover, interested people can obtain the different issues of this Journal by contacting the Sales and Subscription Unit of the Institute at the following phone number: 0098-21-88153594.


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