Publication of Issue 77 of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra



The 77th issue of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of Kheradname-ye Sadra was published. This issue, which has been published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute, contains the following papers:


“Mulla Sadra and Two Principles of Presupposition and Affirmation of the Subsistent”, Roohollah Daraei and Tuba Kermani

“A Study of ‘Allamah Tabataba’i’s Argument on Referring the Theory of “Gradation of Existence” to the Theory of the “Individual Unity of Existence””, Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari and Mehdi Sa‘atchi

“A Comparative Analysis of the Views of Farabi and Ibn Arabi concerning the Place of Ethics and Gnosis in their Utopia”, Fereshteh Nadry Abyaneh and Mahdiyeh Sadat Mostaqimi

“Peace and Happiness in Mulla Sadra’s Political Philosophy”, Mohammad Meshkat

“Problem of Correspondence in Mulla Sadra’s Ontological Epistemology”, Shahnaz Shayanfar

“Spirit of the Theory of Reminiscence in Mulla Sadra’s View of Intellection”, Ali Asghar J‘afari Valani and Zeynab Mohammadnejad

“Manifestation of Sadrian Philosophy in Islamic Architecture”, Behrooz ‘Avazpoor, Bahman Namvar Motlagh and Saina Mohammadi Khabazan


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