Publication of the Collection of the Papers Presented at the Conference on Ibn Sina and Islamic Philosophers


The collection of the papers presented at the Conference on Ibn Sina and Islamic Philosophers, entitled Ibn Sina and Eastern Wisdom was published under the supervision of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute.

This book begins with an Introduction by Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei under the title “Ibn Sina, the Illuminationist Philosopher”. It is generally believed that Ibn Sina is a Peripatetic philosopher, and he is said to have been an advocate of Greek philosophy and a commentator of Aristotle’s philosophy. In this Introduction, the writer presents a different view and believes that Ibn Sina, in addition to the Peripatetic philosophy, which he has truly brought to perfection, possesses another school of philosophy which he calls “eastern wisdom”.

This collection of articles includes different parts such as “Biography and Works”, “Metaphysics”, “Ethics and Politics”, and “Logic”. Moreover, the articles of a number of well-known writers and researchers in the fields of Islamic philosophy and Ibn Sina’s life and works such as Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, Karim Mujtahidi, and Gholamhossein Ibrahimi Dinani are presented in this collection.

The first edition of the collection of articles of Ibn Sina and Eastern Wisdom was published in Spring 2013 in 416 pages with a circulation of 2000 copies in hardback and paperback forms.

Interested readers can order this book by contacting 021-88153594, the Publication Center of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute, and receive it through post.

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