Acquiring an International Degree by the Journal of History of Philosophy

Indexing the Quarterly of History of Philosophy in the International Philosopher’s Index


The scientific-specialized Quarterly of History of Philosophy is published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, and its grantee is the Iranian Scientific Society of History of Philosophy. The Director of this Journal is Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, and it publishes papers on specialized topics in the field of history of philosophy. After the publication of only four issues of this Journal, it was indexed in The Philosopher’s Index in 2011. The Philosopher’s Index is the world’s most current and comprehensive bibliography of scholarly research in philosophy, serving the philosophical community worldwide. Today, The Index contains more than 485,000 journal articles and book citations drawn from over 1400 journals, originating from 85 countries in 39 languages. Previously, the Journal of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra, which is published specifically in the field of Islamic Philosophy, had been indexed in this information platform for philosophy. From now on, the papers published in the Quarterly of History of Philosophy, in addition to being available in national philosophical and scientific centers, will be accessible in different academic centers and universities at an international level.

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