Publication of 39th Issue of the Scientific Quarterly of History of Philosophy



The 39th issue of the scientific Quarterly of History of Philosophy was published by the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute and is now available to all interested readers.

The director of this Journal is Ayatullah Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei; its license-holder is the Scientific Society of History of Philosophy, and its editor-in-chief is Hossein Kalbasi.

The Table of Contents of this issue is given below:


“A Different Version of Immortality in Plato’s Symposium”, Hamidreza Mahboobi Arani

“Concept of “Perennial Essence” and the Problem of “Revival or Establishment” in Suhrawardī’s Philosophy”, Ali Babaei

“An Approach to the Concept of Knowledge in Pahlavi Texts and its Connection with Morality and Education”, Sheyda Riyazi Heravi, Masud Safaei Moghaddm, Mohammad Jafar Pakseresht, and Shahram Jalilian

“The Discussion between Abū Bishr Mattā and Abū Sa‘īd Sirāfī on Grammar in the Cradle of History”, Atefeh Ranjbar Darestani, Morteza Mezginejad, and Mohammad Fazl Hashemi

“Socio-political Roots and Consequences of Gandhi’s View of God and God’s Relationship with Truth”, Ali Naqi Baqershahi

“Place and Time of Mullā Muḥammad Kaẓim Hezārjarībī in the History of Rational Sciences with an Emphasis on the Content of Theological Manuscripts”, Ali Ghanbarian and Abbas Bakhshande Bali

“Principle of the One in the View of ‘Alī Qulī Ibn Qarachāqāy Khān”, Mehdi Asgari, Mansour Nasiri, and Yousef Daneshvar Nilu


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