Publication of the 27th Issue of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy


The 27th issue of the Scientific-Research Quarterly of the Scientific Society of History of Philosophy was published. The Table of Contents of this issue is given below:

  •  “Doxography Tradition of Ancient Greek Philosophers (with Reference to Hermann Diels’ View)”, Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari and Behnaz Aqili Dehkordi

  • “A Study of the Historical Background of Reductionism”, Mahdi Ghiyasvand

  • “Function of the Intellect in the Realms of Religion and Ethics in Qadi Abduljabbar Mu‘tazili”, Farzaneh Mustafapoor, Hossein Hooshanghi, and Seyyed Abbas Zahabi

  • “Worlds of Intellect and Beyond-Intellect in Ayn al-Qudat”, Seyyed Mustafa Shahraeini and Nahid Najafpoor

  • “The Relationship between Religion and Ethics in the View of the Mu‘tazilite”, Azam Ghasemi

  • “Socrates’ Approach and Our Approach (Socrates’ Historical Views of Iran and Iranians)”, Seyyed Musa Dibaj

  • “A Critique and Study of the Zoroastrian Origin of Plato’s Doctrine of Ideas”, Zeinab Shari‘atnia and Nourisadat Shahangian

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