Publication of the 21st Issue of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy



The Table of Contents of the 21st issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of History of Philosophy is as follows:

  • “Origin of Iranian Philosophy”, A‘ala Torani and Fariba Rokhdad

  • “Origin of Islamic Philosophy”, Ghasem Purhasan

  • “Theory of Continuity in Stoic Physics”, Mohammad Javad Ismae‘ili and Sina Mashayekhi

  • “Iranian Culture and Philosophy in the View Eudoxus of Cnidus”, Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari and Mohammad Sadiq Rezaee

  • “The Place of the Prophet in Ibn Sina’s Ideal City”, Mohammad Akwan and Fatemeh Mohammad

  • “Possibility of Believing in the Principiality of Existence in Thomas Aquinas’ Philosophy based on Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy”, Ali Arshad Riyahi and Somayeh Malleki

The director, license-holder, and editor-in-chief of this Quarterly, which is published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute, are Professor Ayatullah Khamenei, International Society of History of Philosophy, and Dr Hossein Kalbasi, respectively.

It is worth noted that the abstracts of the current and previous issues of this Quarterly are available to all users in the website of the Institute. Moreover, interested readers can obtain all the publications of the Institute by contacting the Sale and Subscription Unit of the Institute at the following phone number: 0098-21-88153594.


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