The Second Step in the Philosophical Study of History   


The second issue of the Specialized-Research Quraterly of History of Philosophy was published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy and Research Institute and is now available to lovers of philosophy and history. The grantee of this Journal is the Scientific Society of the History of Philosophy and its director is Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei.

History of Philosophy Quarterly is the first specialized journal in the field of the history of philosophy in Iran. It publishes papers on subjects related to the history of philosophy and rational sciences and etymology of philosophical schools and ideas. The submissions should be based on fundamental research and contribute novel theories, critical views, comparative analyses, or new interpretations. All the papers will be refereed by the members of the Board of Directors and the Editor-in-Chief prior to publication.

 The editor-in-chief of History of Philosophy Quarterly, Hussein Kalbasi Ashtari, in a part of the editorial of this issue maintains that one of the duties of authorities is to encourage the scientists, philosophers, and thinkers to actively participate in the macro-level programs of the country. He also continues by saying that the institutes and centers that are nowadays involved in philosophical research all over the country need the serious attention and support of government authorities. From among these places, we can refer to the “Sadra Islamic Philosophy and Research Institute” and “The Center for Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy and Wisdom”. These two Centers are seriously involved in writing, compiling, and publishing philosophical works and creating interactions and cooperation among philosophers and philosophy professors. It is worth mentioning that the research activities of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute include the holding of the Second International Congress on Mulla Sadra in 2004, holding annual conferences on the Day of Mulla Sadra, and the publication of several philosophical works.

By making a reference to the magnitude and difficulty of the project of Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy and Wisdom, the Editor-in-Chief writes in his editorial that this project cannot be completed except with the vast cooperation and massive efforts of the experts and scholars of our country. Thus for a second time he sends a call for cooperation in this huge project to all the experts in the fields of history and philosophy.

The second issue of this Quarterly begins with an article by Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei entitled “Ibn Sina”. The other papers include “A Glance at the Background, Attributes, and Consequences of Isfahan’s School of Philosophy” by Ali Karbasizadeh Isfahani, “Place of Practical Wisdom in the History of Islamic Philosophy” by Gholamreza Fada’i ‘Araqi, “The Role of the Transcendent Philosophy in the Creation and Development of Science in Iran” by Muhammed Ali Nawidi, “The Movement of the Translation of the Scientific-Philosophical Texts of Islamic Civilization into Latin in Europe” by Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari, “Creation in the Vedas” by Ali Naqi Baqirshahi, and “Mulla Sadra and the Second Greek Philosopher: Anaximander or Anaxagoras?” by Ahmad Asgari.

The second issue of the Specialized-Research Quarterly of History of Philosophy (autumn 2010) has been published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy and Research Institute in 160 pages at the price of 10000 rials and is now available on the market.


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