Publication of the 19th Issue of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy



The Table of Contents of the 19th issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of History of Philosophy is as follows:

  • “A Comprehensive Critical-Comparative Analysis of Tusi’s Works on Ethics”, Fereshteh Abolhassani Niaraki

  • “Happiness in the Views of Aristotle and Ibn Miskawayh Razi”, Ali Mohammad Sajedi and Hajar Darayi Tabar

  • “Farabi and his Distinction between Existence and Quiddity”, Ghasem Pourhasan

  • “A Comparison of two Types of Autonomous and Revelation-Based Rationalism in Abu Hatam Razi and Muhammad Ibn Zakariyya Razi’s Debate”, Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki and ‘Abass Ali Mansory

  • “A Critical Evaluation of Hegel’s Reading of the Origin of Heraclitus’ Doctrines”, Dariush Darvishy

  • “A Comparison of Farabi’s Logico-Linguistic Theories with the Principles and Theories of Contemporary Linguistics”, Mahmoud Reza Moradian and Ali Nuri Khatunbani

  • “Understanding of Truth in Pre-Socratic Philosophers”, Sa‘id Shapouri

The Director of this Journal is Professor Ayatullah Khamenei; its license-holder is the International Society of History of Philosophy, and its Editor-in-Chief is Hossein Kalbasi. This Journal is published by the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute.

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