Publication of the 16th Issue of the

Quarterly of History of Philosophy


The 16th issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of History of Philosophy was published in Spring 2014 by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. The Director of this Journal is professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei; its license-holder is the International Society of History of Philosophy, and its Editor-in-Chief is Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari.

The table of contents of this issue is given below:

“A Critical Study of the Ideas concerning the Islamicity of Islamic Philosophy”, Mansur Imanpour

“Love as a Path towards Human Perfection (A Comparison of the Ideas of Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra)”, Fateme Soleimani

“God in Process Theology and Mulla Sadra”, Hamed Naji Isfahani

“Essentialism and the Issue of Knowledge in Mulla Sadra and Heidegger”, Murteza Haj Hosseini, Mohammad Javad Safian, Mohammad Reza Balanian

“Misbah’s Critical Study and Critique of Descartes’ Theory of the Process and Structure of Knowledge”, ‘Abdulhossein Khosropanah and Hesam al-Din Mo’meni

“Interdisciplinary Components of the Center for Compiling a Comprehensive History of Wisdom and Philosophy: Introducing a New Method for Compiling the History of Philosophy and Reviewing the Present Method of Historiography in Iran”, Reza Mahuzi and Maryam Soleimani Fard

“Specific Unity or Plurality of Man in Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi, and Mulla Sadra”, ‘Abdullah Salavati


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