Publication of the 14th Issue of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy


The 14th issue of the scientific-research Quarterly of History of Philosophy contains the following articles:

• Nature of Intellectual Intuition in Ibn Sina’s Oriental Ethics Mir Sa‘id Musawi Karimi, Ali Reza Sayyad Mansur and Muhammed Hani Ja‘farian

• A Study of Hermes in Suhrawardi’s Thoughts Seyyedeh Behnaz Hosseini

• Ibn Sina and the Problem of the Immortality of the Soul Qasem Pourhassan and Mohsen Mansuri

• Appearance of Ibn Sina’s Philosophical Anthropology in his Allegorical-Gnostic Treatises Furugh al-Sadat Rahimpoor and Afsanah Lachinani

• Substantiality of the Soul in Ibn Sina and Mulla Sadra Maliheh Saberi Najafabadi

• Humanism in Sophists and Great Greek Philosophers: A Study of their Common and Different Ideas Hasan Bolkhari Qahi and Mina Muhammedi Vakil

• Khalil Khan Thaqafi (A‘alam al-Dawlah): A Philosophical Translation concerning Time and Place Reza Ranjbar

The director of this Quarterly is Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei. Its license-holder is the International Society of History of Philosophy, and its editor-in-chief is Hossein Kalbasi. The Quarterly of History of Philosophy is published by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute (SIPRIn). It is noted that the abstracts of the articles published in the current and previous issues of this Journal are available in the website of the Institute. Those who are interested in buying the journals published by SIPRIn can call its Sale and Subscription Department at +98-21-88153594.

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