Publication of the 13th Issue of the Quarterly of History of philosophy (summer 2013)


The 13th issue of the scientific-research quarterly of History of Philosophy includes the following articles:

  • Duality of Mind-Body in Homer, Plato, and Aristotle Yashar Jeyrani and Mustafa Yunesi

  • Kalami, Philosophical, and Gnostic Approaches to the Hadith of Ama Mahdi Zamani

  • Ibn Miskaway and the Evolution of Species Furugh al-Sadat Rahimpour and Muhammed Nasr Isfahani

  • The Role of Muslim Peripatetics in the Development of Aristotelian Logic Akbar Fayde’i

  • Time and Place in the View of Mirza Khalil Khan Thaqafi (A’alam al-Dawlah): Two Hand-Written Treatises  Reza Ranjbar

  • A Historical Glance at the Move from Self-Knowledge to Knowledge of God in Peripatetic and Illuminationist Philosophies  Seyyed Mohammed Kazem ‘Alavi

  • China according to Muslim Travelers: First to Eighth Century AH  Maryam Soleymani Fard

The abstracts of the articles in all the issues of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy are available to all in the official website of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. Interested readers can obtain the Quarterly through post by contacting 021-88153593 (Sales and Subscribers Department of the Institute).

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