Publication of the 12th Issue of the Quarterly of

History of philosophy (Spring 2013)


The 12th issue of the scientific-research quarterly of History of Philosophy includes the following articles:

  • “Plato’s Critique of Parmenides’ Idea of Being”, Sa‘id Binaye Mutlaq

  • “The Soul in Proclus and Shaykh al-Ishraq”, Sa‘id Rahimian and Zahra Eskandari

  • “Theory of Art in Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom”, Hassan Bulkhari Qahi

  • “Ibn Sina’s Eastern Philosophy”, Fateme Soleimani

  • “A Study of Heidegger’s Philosophy concerning the Concept of Being and Time from a Metaphysical and Ta‘wili Perspective”, Ali Ramezani and Qorban Ali Muhammedinejad

  • “bn Sina: Peripatetic Philosophy in Illuminationist Worldview (A Study of Ibn Sina’s Allegorical Interpretation)”, Qasim Pourhassan and Muhsen Mansuri

  • “Bibliography of the History of Ancient Philosophies”, Sa‘id Anwari

  • The license holder of this Journal is the International Society of History of Philosophy. Its director is Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, and its editor-in-chief is Dr. Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari.

The abstracts of the articles in all the issues of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy are available to all in the official website of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. Interested readers can obtain the Quarterly through post by contacting 021-88153593 (Sales and Subscribers Department of the Institute).

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